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What is “Adopt the Fairgrounds”?

In short, it is a collaborative beautification mission. The Adopt the Fairgrounds program is a collaborative effort among the dedicated service clubs, schools, community activity groups, and vocational clubs throughout our beautiful county.

Each group is assigned a designated area of the Lake County Fairgrounds that they are able to design, landscape, and brand. These newly renewed areas of the Lake County Fairgrounds will be a community gift.

Every year the Lake County Fair welcomes more than 40,000 people through the gates for the annual labor day weekend fair. Annually the Fairgrounds is a host to 200,000 visitors for interim events. The Lake County Fairgrounds is a direct representation of our county and with your help we can showcase everything our community has to offer!

Why get involved with the “Adopt the Fairgrounds”?

In 2011 all funding for fairs was removed from the annual state budget. Throughout the last seven years California fairs have struggled to keep their gates open and the Lake County Fair is no exception.

After several years of droughts, deferred maintenance, and aging infrastructure, we at the Lake County Fair believe that it is time to give our beloved community event center the TLC that it rightfully deserves.

The Lake County Fair has been located at 401 Martin St. for 70 years and is home to many memories for the citizens of Lake County. We as community members have the ability to work together to make our county fair the very best it can be. Together we can make the Lake County Fairgrounds the shining (Lake County) diamond that our community can be proud of.

How can you get involved?

Email our fair office at CEO@lakecountyfair.com the following information:

Group Name:__________________________________________________________________________

Special Trades or Talents that your group has to offer: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Number of group participants: _____________________ Main Contact Person: _________________

Contact phone number: ___________________________ Email:____________________________

Thank you!

to those who have participated in the Adopt the Fairgrounds program:

  • Americorps
  • Boyscouts — Order of the Arrow
  • Friends of Mendocino College
  • Kelseyville FFA
  • Kelseyville Rotary
  • Lake County ‘CAN’
  • Lake County Theater Company
  • Lake County Women for Agriculture
  • Lakeport Kiwanis
  • Lakeport Lionesses
  • Lakeport Lions Club
  • Lakeport Rotary
  • Lakeport Woman’s Civic Club
  • Middletown FFA
  • Northern California Racing Association
  • Paradise Skate
  • People Services of Lake County
  • The Lake County Chamber of Commerce
  • The Lake County Fair Foundation
  • The Lake County Junior Livestock Committee
  • The Woman’s Sorority of Lake County
  • Tom Harttrick Painting Services
  • Upper Lake High School

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