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Pen Sponsorship

The Lake County Fair would like to extend yet another opportunity to you to support your local fair as well as also benefit the Junior Livestock Program! Each year at fair time, the cost to rent and transport pens that are used at the livestock barns is over $3500. A cost that has been and will continue to be paid by the Lake County Junior Livestock unless we can accomplish our goal. We are offering you a chance to purchase a pen sponsorship for $300, which will cover the cost of the pen, your dedicated engraving, and a pen sponsor banner that will be hung annually at the fair. With your help we can eliminate this cost, add a much needed service to our community and potentially generate additional events and revenue for the fair. The goal is to purchase 200 pens. We are hoping to have all pens sold by the end of May, in order to avoid these costs for the 2019 fair.

These pens will be assets of the Lake County Fair. We do not currently own our own pens. Therefore, with the continual natural disasters that have taken place in our community over the last five years, the fair has not been able to offer a place for residents of our county or neighboring counties to house their livestock. By owning our own pens it opens up the possibility of hosting jackpot shows as well as benefiting our local rodeos.

If you're interested, please see the form above and either:
  • Mail the completed form and payment method to:
Lake County Fair
Attention: Pen Sponsorship Program
401 Martin St
Lakeport, CA 95453

  • Visit the above address with the completed form during our business hours and pay in person via cash, card, or check
  • Or scan the form along with credit card information to lakecountycafair@gmail.com
Don’t wait, space is limited!
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