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2020 Jr. Livestock & Metal Fab Online Auction - Buyer Information

Start Time: 9/4/20 at 3pm Closes: 9/6/20 at 6pm


Welcome to the 2020 Lake County Fair Junior Livestock & Metal Fabrication Auction. We have a superior line up of Market Steers, Market Hogs, Market Lambs, Market Goats and Rabbit Meat Pens (3 rabbits per pen). Lake County youth work year-round to bring top of the line beef, pork, lamb, rabbit and goat products to you, the consumer. The livestock sale is the finale to all their hard work. This year we have also opened bidding for metal fabrication projects.

You, the buyer, are an essential part to the completion of their project. The sale offers an opportunity to support and encourage the community’s youth, and your purchase will support the youth’s efforts in establishing a small-scale agribusiness operation. Not only do members learn business and marketing skills they also learn many life skills such as responsibility and teamwork.

We appreciate the support of our 2019 buyers and would like to recognize our Lake County community for the continued support.

Lake County Fair Junior Livestock & Metal Fab, Auction is a Terminal Sale. If bidding on an animal, the winning bidder will be responsible to choose one of 3 options for disposition of the animal.

SALE FORMAT: Lake County Fair Junior Livestock will determine the starting price per pound, which will be multiplied by the animal weight. This results in the base price per head ("floor price"), which will be listed in the sale catalog for each animal. The auction of the animal will begin at this price. Any amount buyers bid over that amount will be considered the “premium”. The total of the floor price plus the premium amount bid is the amount the 4-H/FFA member receives.

BUYERS have THREE OPTIONS when purchasing/donating money toward the 4-H or FFA member's project.

1. Purchase - Pay the full price and have the animal sent to one of three meat locker companies for cut & wrap. Additional packaging fees are due to the respective Locker. (DISPOSITION CHOICE: Bud’s Meats, Sonoma Meat Co., or Willowside Meat.

2. Resale- In this case the buyer will pay the difference of the resale price and the final bid. Resale prices will be posted on the Lake County Fair web page prior to sale. RESALE is for Hogs, Lambs and Goats ONLY. (DISPOSITION CHOICE = BUYBACK)

3. Donation - (Add-On) Any amount can be added to a lot (any specific kid you choose).

Call the fair office 707-263-6181 for Proxy Bidding (we will bid for you) or for Add-On for your specific kid, or NEW THIS YEAR Pool-Bidding to "bump the average". (The pool will be spread among all kids with sales under the average).

If you choose Option 1 your purchased animal will be to the locker the week following the sale. Processing is selected by Junior Livestock and is $200 for Steers, $95.00 Hogs, $65.00 Lambs/Goats, and $45 Rabbit pens. (Locker cut & wrap not included)

Please note if you are the winning bidder, you will receive an email from StockShowAuctions.com asking how you would like to dispose of the animal. You will need to make your disposition choice by 10:00 PM Sunday, September 6, 2020. RIGHT AFTER AUCTION CLOSE. If you know ahead of time, please call the fair office. If you do not choose, the Fair will decide locker site.

USE Your Company Name as your USERNAME for publicity

The buyer will be responsible to contact the locker with the cut & wrap price and instructions (not included in processing fee)

  • Bud’s Custom Meats (707) 795-8402
  • Sonoma County Meat Co. (707) 521-0121
  • Willowside Meats (707) 546-8404

PAYMENT: The Lake County Fair will send an invoice following the auction. Terms of payment will be Due Upon Receipt and payment options include Check or Money Order by Mail / drop off, or Credit Card (3% fee) by calling 707-263-6181.

QUESTIONS about the Sale? Contact the fair office at 707-263-6181

Buyer Registration Instructions

2O19 Average Animal Auction Prices

Steers - $6.75 lb
Lambs - $13.98 lb
Goats - $12.17 lb
Hogs - $7.45 lb
Rabbits (Pen of 3) - $811.00

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors!

Money for Agriculture
Internet, TV & Phone services
For all your ranch & supply needs
Rainbow Ag
Drilling & Pump Expert
Drilling & Pump
Lake County News
Community First Credit Union
Calpine Corporation
Sutter Lakeside Hospital

Can't get on-line to Bid? We will Bid for YOU

Fair Office Will take call in bids

Call 707-263-6181
Before the auction or
  • Friday, September 4, 2020 from 3 PM- 6 PM
  • Saturday, September 5, 2020 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday, September 6, 2020 9 AM to 6 PM

2020 Resale Prices

Steers – $1.00

Lambs - $1.40

Goats - $1.40

Hogs - $ .25

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